Alight Motion Mod Raja Apk Download free for Android 2024

The practice of uploading and sharing multimedia content online is growing in popularity. Strive for originality and popularity. Without the help of commercial editors, these videos just couldn’t be made.

The Alight Motion Mod Raja Apk was created because we at Alight Studios heard you plead for help. I want to tell you about a one-of-a-kind app we trust that is also mobile-friendly. More than that, it’s a handy tool for making basic adjustments to videos you’ve already shot online.

The Alight Motion Mod Raja Apk has a set of high-end, professional editing tools and standard features. A premium part in the free app file grants accesses to the program’s pro features without a watermark.

Alight Motion Mod Raja Apk

App Information

NameAlight Motion Mod Raja
Size140 MB
Required Android6.0 and Up

What is Alight Motion Mod Raja Apk?

It is possible to edit and improve your video clips using the Alight Motion Mod Raja Apk. This smartphone app provides access to professional editing tools and capabilities, which would typically cost a lot of money.

You already know that there are a lot of apps for Android phones that do the same thing in the Google Play Store. However, the vast majority of them are unmanageable and unpleasant to operate. So, it’s no surprise that the best tools are also the most expensive. Everyone cannot afford to buy these kinds of applications. This is why readers produced this fantastic app for free use.

You Tubers, TikTok stars, Instagram influencers, Facebook geniuses, and others are the target audience. This is also a premium app, but I’ve provided a modded version of the program so you can use it freely without spending a dime.

The likes of 3D effects, 4K video, multiple frames per second, and more are all included. Drawings, shapes, and even music can be added to the mix. You can either upload songs from your phone’s storage or search the app’s library for them. The ability to add text is located there as well.

About App

If you use an Android device to make videos, you need the Alight Motion Mod Raja Apk. Using an Alight motion raja apk, you may modify and generate animations. Make engaging and helpful films with the help of your Android device.

Users can access these features in various ways, including through various software programs. However, the services available on these sites are often restricted. So, as a public service, we made this style app for you. With this service, you can customize professionally-made motion graphics to your liking. The most eye-catching characteristics are listed below.

  •     Premium-grade animation
  •     Graphics animation
  •      Media effects
  •      Creating and editing videos
  •     Much more

Most Android apps don’t have these features. However, the app was developed to provide users with an enhanced experience. The sophisticated tools and options available here are vital.

The application makes it simple to add new media layers to existing ones. Various media formats can be embedded here, including audio, video, and still photographs. After the layer has been inserted, the file will open invisibly.

The user community has access to a wide range of effects with which to spice up their work. An extensive library of color grading and other visual effects is available here. Finding the ideal shade and improving the video will be much less of a hassle. Create a montage by fusing the various parts. Each feature may be activated with a single click, resulting in more engaging material after editing.

Important Features of Alight Motion Raja APK

The app has the following significant features:

Options for the Category

There are separate pages for categorizing films, plays, and many types of presentations. We have made it simple for you to locate the category in which you are most interested in conducting the additional study.

Stay in contact

We will assist you in recalling your most recent location and then come and get you.

Modifying the video’s original definition

You can select various image attributes following your preferences. If you are looking at your cellular data, you have the option to save it by selecting 360p. If you want an even more fantastic experience, you may watch the movie in Blu-ray Picture Quality (Full HD).


You have the option of selecting subtitles in several different languages. You are also free to alter the terminology in any way that suits you.

Controls for the screen

You can change the volume and brightness of the display by swiping up and down the screen, and you can move ahead or backward in a video by swiping left and right.

How to Download Alight Motion Mod Raja APK?

follow the below-mentioned steps to download Alight motion mod Raja Apk.

Step 1: The Alight Motion, Mod Raja Apk file may be downloaded by following the above link.

Step 2: You can enable this feature by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

Step 3: To install the application in the usual manner, open the Downloads folder on the File Manager app, navigate to the Downloads folder, and then click on the APK file.

Step 4:   Once more, navigate to Settings > Battery time optimization, and then remove the application from the list of those to be optimized. (By adjusting this parameter, you’ll be able to get the program to operate in the background.)

Step 5: In the end, launch the program and make use of it.


  •    From a third-party site, you can get the application in any of its many versions. You can acquire exactly what you need by downloading the archives of most program versions.
  •   No review process, download wait time, etc.
  •     After a download, there will be an APK file on your storage media/computer. You can then uninstall and reinstall them whenever you want without having to download the software again.
pros and cons alight motion mod raja apk


  • Google does not typically verify downloaded software from unofficial sources. Therefore, your phone may be damaged.
  •  Viruses in APK files could compromise your phone’s security or cause it to malfunction.
  •    Since most of these devices don’t have access to the Google Play Store, your apps won’t be kept up to date automatically.


Android and iOS players only sync with other mobile players by default.

Even if we have access to reliable anti-cheat tools, we also factor in the possibility of accommodating new technologies. Routed devices don’t support Alight Motion Mod Raja Apk

The developer of the App has verified the app’s safety so that you can download it confidently. Zero viruses were detected in this. It’s available for download on that page.

It’s far too easy. You can stop your search now; I’ve provided the applications mentioned in this article at no cost. This fantastic app is free at, where you can also write reviews to share with others.

A constant online connection is unnecessary in most cases.



It is possible to edit and improve your video clips using the Alight Motion Mod Raja Apk. It provides access to high-end editing tools, often charged for free on a mobile device. To use multiple services simultaneously, download the Alight Motion Mod Raja Apk. It has the most features and options available.

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