Top 5 Best Video Player Apps For Android [2024] Download Now!

The default video player on Android has been condemned for being underpowered due to its support for only a small set of codecs. Multiple video file formats exist, each with advantages, from copy protection to improved playback quality.

This excludes many widely used forms, including AVCHD, Ogg, and M2TS. To say nothing of the video codecs built into iOS and video recorders.

Since most alternative best video player apps support many formats and have other valuable extras, they are essential. Several can access the features of the top Android phones, while others excel at casting and networking.

You may find several different video player apps for the Android platform in the modern day. Choosing the best program might be difficult because they all have benefits and drawbacks. Here, I’ll go over the finest mobile best video player apps and show you how to utilize them.

Best Video Player Apps

MX Player – Best Video Player apps for Beginners

Price: Free

App download: 1B+

Google play store rating: 4.3

Apps with 1 billion or more downloads are free. With a 4.3 star review from Google Play, the MX player is among the best when it comes to Android video players.

This app can send your pals links to music, videos, and files. The best part about this software is that it can be controlled with simple movements, such as pinching to zoom in or out or swiping up and down to adjust the brightness and volume. Subtitles and hardware acceleration are only two examples of excellent user interfaces.

This program has improved visuals and a wide variety of excellent themes. There are further add-ons available as well. Everyone should get and utilize this program because my experience with it has been fantastic.


  •    Streaming-capable
  •    File format support
  •    Enlarge/Reduce


  •   The free version lacks features
  •    HD videos lag

VLC Player – Best Video Player apps for Professionals

Price: Free

App downloads: 100M+

Google play store ratings: 4.3

More than 100 million users have downloaded the free app. The average rating in Google’s app store is 4.3. VLC Player has been the industry standard among mobile video-playing apps for the longest time. This software can play compressed media. The app’s support for pop-up windows means you may access nearly all of your preferred media with a single click.

It’s a terrific hardware accelerator that saves power and boosts performance. Its most significant feature is that this software has a high-quality audio system. While the program’s accessible version does provide some functionality, it does so at the expense of including adverts. In any case, this app is excellent.


  •   Open-source, free
  •   Multiplatform
  •    Popular codecs


  •  Tags forbidden
  •  No interface customization

BS Player – Best Video Player apps for Android

Price: Free

App downloads: 100M+

Google play store ratings: 4.3

It costs nothing; no money is required. More than 100 million copies of the app have been downloaded. The average rating in Google’s app store is 4.3 stars. Some apps become well-known quickly due to their superior quality, and BS player is one of those apps.

People just starting in their chosen field find this software invaluable. It lets you watch multiple videos simultaneously and create playlists over a network connection. This app’s playback modes are both fantastic and easy to use.

Size and file type are irrelevant; this program can alter any movie. More than a hundred skins can be applied to this program, and it also offers a quick mute function. The software must also have drawbacks; this is a given. This software constantly crashes and doesn’t support Arabic or Turkish subtitles in the versions I’ve tried.


  • Support subtitles
  • Cost-free
  • Ad-free


  • No shortcuts
  •  No timer

Playerxetrem Media – Best Video Player Apps 2022

Price: Free

App downloads: 500K+

Google play store ratings: 4.4

Half a million app downloads at no cost are ranked at 4.4 on Google Play. Regarding compatibility with different operating systems, the PlayerXetrem media player stands out as the clear frontrunner.

This program is fantastic because it lets you play your preferred music and watch your preferred movies anytime.

This app’s user interface couldn’t be easier to navigate. Video files, pictures, and papers can all be organized hierarchically. You’ll find features in this media player app: multi-core decoding, subtitle gestures, playground video playback, and hardware acceleration. And it makes it simple to play music or other videos instantly online.


  • HD/4k content support
  • Organize documents


  • App slow
  • Awful ads

Kodi – Best Video Player apps for Movies

Price: Free

App downloads: 50M+

Google play store ratings: 3.7

50M+ Downloads of Free Apps with An average of 3.7 stars on Google Play. Kodi has a live TV streaming feature. You can watch videos, play games, and watch TV shows throughout Kodi. Open-source software Kodi can play most videos for free.

Kodi will upload data like posters and trailers automatically. Kodi’s availability on so many different devices and operating systems makes it ideal for portability in streaming media.


  •  Cross-platform
  •  Open source


  • Insecurity
  • Copyright


When working on a computer, the vast majority of users choose to play all media files using VLC. On the other hand, MX Player is regarded as the most excellent solution for the Android platform.

The VLC player is an exceptionally well-liked media player for a good reason. It’s free to use, and you don’t have to download extra codecs to make it work with almost any file format. Standard file format support is also included.

The fact that VLC follows a top-down design methodology contributes to the company’s overall performance.

Regarding people who use Windows, the VLC player is the most popular choice for playing videos.


As we talk about the different best video player apps, it’s important to remember that they help ensure that your movies play without any problems. You can choose your preferred application from the list that has been provided. Each piece of software is optimized to work perfectly on an Android device.

You won’t encounter any issues while using these applications on your mobile device.

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