How To make Velocity Edits on Alight Motion (Velocity On Alight Motion Tutorial)

You must be wondering how to make velocity edits on alight Motion. This is a common question for anyone using the Alight Motion video and animation app.

The answer to the question is also available. one feature, velocity edits of alight Motion, is essential for video editing. If you are not unaware of this feature, then I do explain it in brief.

how to Velocity Edits on Alight Motion

What is meant by Velocity Editing?

The velocity edit is a type of editing technique used to make a particular type of video. Simple definition: velocity is the speed of the video you want to increase or decrease.

It would be best to consider various factors to determine your project’s optimal frame rate.

You don’t need to worry! Our Alight Motion App makes it easy for you to customize the velocity of your videos. We’ll take a closer look!

Step-by-step Guide on How To make Velocity Edits on Alight Motion

Check out the complete the step by step guide on how to do velocity edits on alight motion app. Follow these steps.

Step 1: make sure your video is ready at average speed. Desire music should be added and filters applied, text applied, and other things you want should be added.

Step 2: Using the default speed, make sure animation should be added to the alight motion app.

Step 3: make sure your video appears to have multiple layers. Every layer contains a video to want to be edited.

Step 4: add the layer in which you want to velocity editing.

Step5: after selecting the layer and the graph setting, you will see your mobile screen in the bottom left corner.

Step 6: By clicking, you can access the graph settings. You’ll see these four sub-options: linear, easy in, easy out, and accessible.

Step 7: Each option has differed, and the results are different. Let’s explain them

  • The movement of objects is linear when they move at a constant speed.
  • Aim for a slow start and a fast finish: Move the thing slowly at first and quickly at the end.
  • Fast beginning, slow ending: The item should move fast at the beginning, then slowly at the end.
  •  Easy in and out: You can choose from fast and slow speeds.

Step 8: 

Step 8: Before saving the video, select your desired speed-controlled options.

Step 9: if you want to change the speed, you can repeat the process for all your videos.

Step 10: Now you have successfully done velocity edits in the alight motion app.

Step 11: congratulation all have done. Now enjoy your desired video.

Final Words

It’s also a fun profession these days to work in video editing. Video editing with velocity makes the video more appealing and focused for the viewer. Creating an eye-catching and attractive video without velocity edits is difficult.

Adding velocity has never been easier than with the Alight Motion app. Or you can learn how to do it with Video Star. moreover, you can check how to remove the watermark of the video in using alight motion.

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