How To Remove Watermark On Alight Motion (Verified Methods)

You must be wondering how to remove watermark on alight motion. Don’tDon’t worry; I will share a complete method to solve your problem. 

how to Remove Watermark On Alight Motion

What is an Alight Motion Watermark?

A watermark is a symbol or logo that appears on the video. You see it on your altered items when you save them to your local drive as a faint graphic or logo. Placement of the watermark is primarily intended to advertise your app or brand.

Method How to remove watermark on alight motion

Different ways to remove the watermark on alight motion video are on the internet. But the majority of not accurate for removing the watermark. For your better understanding, I have brought two methods to solve your problems quickly.

Method 1: Through the use the Third-Party Apps

In this method, you will utilize the third-party app to remove the watermark on the alight motion. Follow the instruction explained below.

  • To start, open the alight motion app on your smartphone or mobile phone devices that you want to create video by selecting images and transitions.
  • After applying all filters and effects, check out all the project details of the video.
  • Now select the “Export” option to save this in any format you want. 
  • After that, this project has a watermark.
  • Now download the inshot app from the google play store.
  • After downloading the inshot app, could you install it?
  • After installing the inshot, open the app and select the desired file that you want to remove the watermark. 
  • After that, you will see the option watermark removal free, then remove the watermark and use the project.
  • Now congratulations, your watermark has been removed. Used it.

2nd Method  Download Alight Motion Mod version

This is the second method to remove watermark on alight motion video. Download the Alight motion mod apk. It has a feature where you can edit your video without a watermark.

This version has been modded without paying a penny. You can create any video project without a watermark.

Different modded features of this app are as:

  • No watermark.
  • Free paid subscription.
  • All elements are unlocked.
  • Everything is unlimited.
  • No ads


Yes, it is possible you can remove the watermark following the above methods that I have explained.

Yes, you can download the modded version I have explained above. Follow this.

Final Words

There is no doubt that the Alight Motion app can be used to make stunning videos. The only downside is the watermark on the Alight Motion video. Using the methods mentioned above, you can remove the watermark from the video. You can use them to remove watermarks from videos.

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